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How much does an online listing cost?
How much does an online listing cost?

Let us help you get your item in front of potential buyers.

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"How much does it cost for an online listing with My Little Salesman?"

If you're looking to list heavy equipment, trucks, trailers, or parts for sale on, the listing will cost $24.95 per month.

Listings are not automatically renewed so you will not be recharged at the end of the term. You will receive an expiration email asking if you would like to renew the listing or not.

Want to boost the visibility of your listing by making it a featured listing? You can do so for an additional $10 per month.

"Are there any discounts for multiple listings?"

If you have 10 or more items to sell, please contact your territory rep for potential savings via our Inventory Mover packages.

"Are there any discounts for placing a listing longer than one month?"

There are multi-month discounts available if you wish to place your listing for longer than one month at a time.

So, whether you have one item to sell or many, creating a listing on can help you get it out in front of potential buyers.

Get started by reaching out to a friendly member of our sales staff today if you have any questions or reading more about classifieds listings from My Little Salesman.

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