This question came from a dealer:

"Hello, I have a machine advertised with you and it recently sold. How do I take the ad down???"

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  • How do I change the marketing status of a listing?

  • How do I temporarily hide a particular item in my inventory?

  • How do I delete sold inventory items?

  • How do I change the availability of an item, such as updating it to Available, Pending Sale, Sold, Coming In, In Shop, Out on Rent, Lost, or Dismantled?

Doing any of these actions is quick and easy—which will be covered in steps 1-10.

But first...

Neither of those? Ok, then let's proceed with the tutorial on how to change the Availability and Marketing Status of your Inventory Item or Listing!

1. Navigate to and make sure you are signed into your dealer account.

2. After signing in, select the "MY ACCOUNT" tab with the downward-facing carrot icon in the upper right corner of the page.

3. From the drop-down menu that appears, select the "Inventory" offering, just below the "INVENTORY MANAGEMENT" section heading.

4. Locate the inventory listing you would like to edit. Select the "Edit" button that corresponds to this inventory listing.

5. You will need to select the "AVAILABILITY & MARKETING" button. this may require toggling through the button selector menu using the side arrow buttons.

6. Select the "AVAILABILITY & MARKETING" button.

7. From the Availability & Marketing panel, you can change the official Marketplace Status of the inventory item by selecting the accompanying drop-down option.

8. To hide a listing from visibility, you can select "Hidden." You may also change the official status of a listing in your system by selecting "Active" or "Deleted." If the listing has not been paid for, its "Active" option will not be present in these selections.

9. Scrolling down just a bit, you can also adjust the public availability status of the inventory item by selecting "Available," "Pending Sale," "Sold," "Coming In," "In Shop," "Out on Rent," "Lost," or "Dismantled."

10. Once you have selected your preferred availability or marketing status for an inventory item, select the "Save Changes" buttons to put the changes into effect.

And it's that easy!

If you have any additional questions, we're happy to help. Simply reach out to us by emailing your question to for assistance.

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