• "How can I update the price of my ad / listing / item?"

  • "How do I change the prices of my items for sale?"

  • "How can I mark an item to be listed as a lease or rental?"

  • "How can I mark an item to be listed in the wholesale marketplace?"

In 12 simple steps, we're going to cover all of these items and more!

1. Navigate to https://www.mylittlesalesman.com/ and make sure you are logged into your dealer account.

2. Select "MY ACCOUNT" from the upper right corner of the page.

3. From the options that appear in the dashboard drop-down menu, select "Inventory" from the "INVENTORY MANAGEMENT" section.

4. From the Inventory section, locate the item in need of a price change. Select its corresponding "Edit" button.

5. With the inventory item page open, scroll down until you see the tile-like option buttons. Select the button entitled "PRICING."

6. From the Pricing panel, you are able to adjust a variety of options, including the currency style and the quantity if you have more than one for sale or rent.

7. From the Basic Pricing panel, you can choose whether or not to display a List Price for the item.

8. From this panel, you can also choose what List Price you would like to display.

9. You can also choose what "Bottom Price" to keep on record for this item. This is not displayed on the listing and is for your team's use only.

10. Scrolling just a bit further down, you can choose to display this item on the Wholesale marketplace and what you'd the listed wholesale price to be.

11. Scrolling just a bit further, if your listed item is a rental or to be leased, you can toggle the slider in the Rental Pricing section and set appropriate pricing.

12. Once you have made all of the changes and updates you wish to make, remember to select "Save Changes" to activate them in your system.

And it's just that simple!

If you have any further questions, we're here to help. Simply reach out to support@mlsinc.com.

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