When it comes to new features for My Little Salesman, Facebook Inventory Syndication is one of the most exciting.

What It Does

For a small monthly service fee, this syndication allows your dealership to:

  • Link your inventory to your dealership's Facebook page via the “Vehicles” section—with updates occurring daily (here's an example)

  • Use your newly-created Facebook catalog of inventory to create dynamic Facebook Ads, targeting Facebook Marketplace or Newsfeeds

What It Doesn’t Do

This syndication does NOT:

  • Automatically generate Facebook Marketplace listings (This used to be possible but Facebook discontinued this September of 2021. However, it is still very possible to get exposure on Facebook Marketplace via your catalog of inventory but that requires Facebook Ads.)

  • Automatically generate Facebook Ads targeting Newsfeeds or other Facebook destinations

Creating and setting up Facebook Ads, which would generate visibility of your inventory on Facebook marketplace and in Newsfeeds, requires a monthly budget that goes to Facebook for advertising.

Facebook Inventory Syndication Requirements

In order for your inventory to be syndicated to Facebook, your inventory items must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a set price (no “Call for price” listings as Facebook will list any item with no price as “Free”)

  • Have a model year

  • Have at least one image

  • *Parts are not accepted

If your inventory items do not meet these requirements, they will not be fed to Facebook and this integration may not be for you.

We understand that these stipulations may provide limitations for some dealers, but they are Facebook’s current stipulations for third-party integrations.

Sound Like a Good Fit? Get Started Now!

If Facebook Inventory Syndication sounds like it would be a valuable addition to your inventory listing process, you can get started by using our guide to link your Facebook business and page or reach out to your My Little Salesman account manager.

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