This tutorial comes in response to a client question:

“I am working with a customer’s finance company and they have asked about the balance not showing the payment applied. Basically, the customer placed a down payment of (dollar amount here) and they (the financing company) would like to see the remaining balance to reflect that.”

It seems that the customer’s financing company would like to see what they still need to finance—the amount remaining after the original down payment has been made.

In a past tutorial, we showed you how to document a down payment or deposit for a transaction in your Deals panel. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to create an invoice that reflects the remaining balance due for any transaction.

2. Select "MY ACCOUNT" in the upper right hand corner.

3. Select "Deals" in the Sales Desk section of the dropdown.

4. Within your Deals panel, select the "Edit" button corresponding to the Deal in which you would like to account for the remaining balance.

5. Select the "INVOICES, QUOTES, & PAYMENTS" button along the top. If you don't immediately see it, use the horizontal arrows to scroll through the upper tile-like icons.

6. To create a new invoice that will account for the remaining balance after the balance has been paid, begin by selecting the "+ New..." button followed by "+New Invoice" from the dropdown options.

7. Fill out all necessary details of the new invoice and scroll toward the bottom. Make sure that the proper deposit amount is displayed just above the remaining balance. If it is not, you should enter the deposit amount, which you can do with help from this previous tutorial.

8. To create an invoice for the remaining balance due, simply scroll to the bottom and select "Save changes" to create the invoice. The remaining amount will be reflected in the invoice you create.

9. To view and send the newly-created invoice, select either the "Payment, Invoice, & Quote History" breadcrumb hyperlink or the "INVOICES, QUOTES, & PAYMENT" tab.

10. To download a PDF of the invoice, the Payment, Invoice, & Quote History panel, locate the invoice you just created, and select the corresponding downward carrot arrow icon, followed by "PDF."

To simply view the invoice in its final form, you can select "View. "

11. From this view of the invoice PDF, you can see that the Deposit and Remaining Balance figures are up reflected.

12. If you would like to email the invoice, from the featured "View" of the invoice, select the "Actions" button in the right corner of the panel-view invoice and select "Email" from the dropdown.

13. In the panel that emerges, enter the email address of the person you would like to send the invoice as well as an optional message stating what the attachment contains. (It may not be a bad idea to add your own email address as well so you can see precisely what the recipients see—though this is completely optional.)

14. When you're ready to submit, select "Send email."

And it's just that simple!

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