"How do I access the payment portion of my account to change the attached credit card?" - actual customer question

  • Is your credit card fixin' to expire?

  • Did you need to cancel the card you have on file?

  • Do you just want to change your billing preferences?

No worries—adding or updating your account billing details with My Little Salesman is a quick and secure process.

Disclaimer: For the sake of security and efficiency, only one administrator profile from your company will have the ability to add or update your company's billing details. If you follow these steps and do not see an option to update billing information, speak to your company's administrator.

If you're the system administrator for your company's account and need to add or update your company's billing credentials, let's get started!

1. Navigate to https://www.mylittlesalesman.com and log in to your account.

2. Select the "MY ACCOUNT" label in the upper right corner of the screen.

3. From the panel that appears, select "Personal Settings" just below the "ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT" heading.

4. On your Personal Settings page, select the "BILLING INFORMATION" button from the listed options.

5. Here, you should see all of your bill details on file. If you have no billing information on file, select the "Add Billing Information" to get started adding your billing details.

6. Enter the corresponding credit card details.

Sidenote: For the sake of security, My Little Salesman does not store your billing credentials on any of our systems. They are all stored securely via Stripe Credit Card Processing services.

7. Enter the name and address associated with the bill credentials.

8. Enter the phone number associated with credit card details.

9. When you have entered all of the required details, select "Save Changes" to save the billing details.

And you're all set! That was pretty painless, wasn't it?

If you have any additional questions about using your Dealer Management System from My Little Salesman, feel free to utilize the floating chat icon in the lower right corner. Also, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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