Properly documenting a down payment or a deposit doesn't have to be tricky for dealerships. With your Deals system within the Sales Desk or your My Little Salesman dealer management system, it only takes a few seconds. Let's check it out.

When making a record of payments on transactions in your Sales Desk, there are:

  • Payment Types: The share allotment of the payment.

  • Payment Methods: The method by which the payment will be made.

Accounting for each of these in your Sales Desk is straightforward. Here’s how.

Logged into your My Little Salesman account, select the “MY ACCOUNT” heading (1.) in the upper right corner followed by the “Deals” (2.) label that appears just below the “SALES DESK” heading.

From the Deals panel, locate the Deal in need of payment documentation. Once located, select the downward carrot arrow (3.) beside the “Edit” label followed by the “+ New Payment” (4.) label.

On the “Record a Payment” screen, to save your documentation of a down payment, select the downward carrot arrow corresponding to the “Payment Type” label (5.) and select “Down Payment/Deposit” (6.) Enter the additional relevant information (payment amount, the amount applied, payment method, any corresponding documentation, etc.) as well as any private notes (7.) and select “Create payment” (8.) to save your documentation.

And just like that, you have a down payment or deposit accounted for in your Sales Desk!

If you have any additional questions about using your Dealer Management System from My Little Salesman, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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