How To Feature Your Item

Want to give your listing a boost? A featured listing is a great way to rise toward the top.

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When you decide to list your items with, you have the option of fixing the placement to precede all general listings, ultimately boosting exposure toward potential buyers.

You can achieve this by featuring your item for an affordable price. This article covers the why and how of featuring your item or multiple items.

As an example, when buyers browse the Drop Deck Trailers for sale, the first 3 listings they will see are those that have been featured, which can be identified by a blue header. General listings, without a blue header, immediately follow the featured listings.

How To Feature a Listing

Access your Inventory page. Here's how.

Signed into you account, click "Inventory Management"

Screenshot of: Click "Inventory Management"

Click "Inventory"

Screenshot of: Click "Inventory"

Within the grid, there’s a column titled Featured. If none of your items are featured, they will be marked with a red ‘No’ icon.

Click the corresponding button of the item you wish to feature. From there, you’ll be taken directly to your shopping cart where you’ll be prompted to select the length of time you wish to have the item featured.

How To Feature Multiple Listings

Using the checkbox column, select the listings you’d like to feature. Once they’re selected, click Bulk Actions and then Feature, which will begin the same checkout process.

That's it - just a couple quick steps, and your listings will stand out from the rest!

Please contact us with any questions or feedback regarding featured listings.

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