Our Lead Management System provides you the ability to automatically import email leads from other lead sources (e.g. online marketplaces) so you can keep a pulse on the performance of all your marketing efforts. 

All email leads will have full details and attribution where they originated. 

Additionally, imported email leads will automatically be associated with matching contacts, prospects, and inventory items. This allows you to maintain an ongoing stream of communications with contacts.

Please note: This feature is only available for paying customers.

Lead Import Setup

Step 1: Log in to your account and go to “Seller Info”.

Step 2: Click the “Settings” tab on the far right.

Step 3: Scroll down to your “Lead Settings” to obtain your "Unique Lead Email Address."

Here you will find your "External lead email address". 

This email address is unique to your business. 

Step 4: Copy this email address and ask your other vendors to send leads to this additional email address. 

Most lead sources will send email leads to more than one email address so you don't need to worry about changing the other email address(es) that your leads are currently being sent to. 

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